Monday, 24 February 2014

Google Maps Missing Features

Google took its new Maps site out of beta this week, but many users noticed that some of their favorite features from Classic Maps were missing.
Not to worry, Google says. It’s aware of that and plans to bring at least some of those missing over to the new Maps site in the near future.
The team will continue to work to improve the new Google Maps, so look out for better performance and additional features, like send to car, in the coming weeks.
That mention of the Send To Car feature is as specific as Google would get in its replies to our questions about the missing features we’ve noticed. That list includes:
1.) Send To Email and/or Car. When looking at a place or address in Classic Maps, there’s a “Send” option under the “More” tab that lets users email the place/address or send it to certain vehicle navigation systems.
2.) Default location. There seems to be no easy way in new Maps for a user to set his/her default location.
3.) More Info link on business listings. In Classic Maps, every business listing popup includes a “More Info” link that gives searchers quick access to the business’ Google+ Local page. On the new Google Maps, the only way to get from the business listing to its Google+ Local page is to click the link that says how many reviews the business has.
4.) Terrain maps disappear when looking at directions. You can see terrain maps in the new Google Maps, but the option goes away when looking at directions between two (or more) places.
5.) 3D Directions. In Classic Maps, there’s a 3D/2D toggle when looking at directions. The 3D version autoplays a moving drive-through of the route between your start and destination.
These are a sample of the features that we’ve found to either be missing altogether, or perhaps just very difficult to find in the new Google Maps. Google’s statement that at least some of these will be brought over from Classic Maps “in the coming weeks” is good to hear. Some more specifics on which ones would be even better.