Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bing Improves Tax Related Search Results

Microsoft Bing has added new features to the Bing search results when you search for tax related queries. This is being done because Bing and other search engines see a huge increase in the number of tax related queries between January and April, i.e. before your taxes are due on April 15th.
Bing now shows smarter results when you search for [tax forms], [IRS forms], or even specific forms like [irs form 1040]. Bing will show you the most searched-for forms as you type your query, show you where to mail your taxes or where to e-File, and links to download the necessary forms you searched for.
Bing also said they’ve upped their relevancy for those queries and now shows more “authoritative and relevant web results on filing your taxes.”
Finally, Bing added a portal for taxes at where you can search tax tips and tricks, watch tax instructional videos, and even get “little tax humor” from Bing.